GOFREE WiFi1 Wireless Module

The WIFI-1 hardware module creates a Wifi hotspot on your boat. Simply connect to an MFD via the yellow-plug Network port: Note: Do not use connect a radar to the spare port of this device. Data from the navigation system is bridged onto Wifi via the MFD. Install anywhere on the boat for best Wifi coverage. View and edit WIFI-1 SSID and Passphrase from MFD

Part Number: 000-11068-001

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Q: How do I stop unauthorised users on other boats connecting to my MFD?
A: In order to connect to the GoFree wireless network the user must enter the correct passphrase. This can be obtained from the MFD menus.

Q: Can I disable the iPad's remote control functionality?
A: Yes you can do this at any time from the MFD.

Q: Can you control the Autopilot from the iPad? A: No, Autopilot and Czone digital switching control has been disabled pending legal clearance.
Q: Can WIFI-1 connect to the internet via a marina hotspot? A: Not initially
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