MX521B DGPS Smart Antenna with GLONASS

MX521B DGPS Smart Antenna with GLONASS

Part Number: 000-11640-001

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The MX521B is a precision D/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) D/GPS positioning solution in a smart antenna.

  • IMO Compliant GPS/DGPS sensor with GLONASS^^
  • Enhanced position performance with GLONASS
  • Flexibility for easy integration into NMEA 0183 interface
  • RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) enabled
  • Meets Smart Beacon specifications for DGPS Smart Antenna
  • Connects directly to MX Control and Display Unit
  • Better than 1 meter DGPS Position accuracy
  • Better than 3 meter GPS position accuracy
  • Built-in DGPS source include SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MTSAT)
  • D/GPS mode compatibility with MX420/MX510/MX610/GN70 and MX512/MX612 CDU

DGPS Smart Antenna

The MX521B delivers position accuracy better than 1 meter in DGPS/DGNSS mode when using RTCM corrections.


Navigation authorities around the world have installed DGPS radio beacon networks that broadcast RTCM corrections. With the use of its built-in beacon demodulator, the MX521B uses these real-time corrections to deliver accurate, reliable positioning when antenna is within range of Beacon station.


Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) is a safety feature in the MX521B which continuously verifies the integrity of the GPS system to ascertain its accuracy and reliability. When satellite range error exceeds a pre-set limit, the CDU alerts the operator to take precautionary measures.


The MX521B features two independent NMEA compliant serial ports which are identical to MX421B-10 and MX521A DGPS smart antenna.


MX521B Module B

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