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C-MAP MAX-N+ Chart (M-EM-Y128-MS)

C-MAP MAX-N+ Local Chart Aegean Sea & Sea of Marmara. Compatible with B&G & Simrad Chartplotters. The C-MAP website has full compatibility by manufacturer and model. MAX-N+ Charts are C-MAP’s premium offerings and are available in Local Wide/Continental formats. Like all C-MAP charts, when you buy a MAX-N+ Chart you will receive free chart updates for 12 months.

Part Number: M-EM-Y128-MS


C-MAP 4D MAX+ is the latest evolution of electronic charting technology, combining award-winning vector chart data with exclusive Dynamic Raster Charts and the ability to view charts in 2D or amazing 3D presentation with high-resolution satellite imagery.

Part number: M-EM-D111-MS