HS100 Handset + Speaker Kit - Wired


Simrad HS100 wired handset and SP100 speaker kit for RS100/RS100-B VHF radio systems. Up to 4 wired handsets and 4 speakers can be added to one system.

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Unique selling points

  • Style to match Simrad wireless handsets and MFD’s
  • Large clear white dot matrix LCD
  • Inverted LCD night mode for reduced light emission
  • Dimmable to low output level for night operation
  • Easy channel Scan and Favourites options
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • Clear Audio from Handset Speaker and Microphone
  • Handset Station Naming
  • 60 Second audio rewind


Configurable External Speakers

  • Up to four speakers can be configured to one wired handset with an individual offset for each speaker.
  • When a speaker is mounted further from a user than the wired handset or additional speaker, an offset can be applied to the speaker to achieve volume consistency.
  • Speaker volume will be controlled by the wired handset the speaker is assigned to with the volume offset selected.
  • Handset speakers can be turned off should the user only wish for external speaker audio.


LCD display: FSTN 256x160 pixels, monochrome
Contrast control: Yes
Backlight synching: Yes, via NMEA 2000 network
Backlight: White LED; adjustable in 10 levels; Day and Night mode
In Stock 1 Item

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