NAC-2 Autopilot Computer


The low-current NAC-2 autopilot computer is ideal for smaller vessels, designed to run small hydraulic drives and mechanical drives for vessels up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length. Also provides solenoid output.

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The NAC-2 Autopilot Computer is the brains behind your autopilot system. NAC-2 contains the control algorithms developed to helm a yacht across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states, alongside the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units. The NAC-2 was designed for boats up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length and is suitable for low-current hydraulic drives, mechanical drives, or solenoid valves with a current rating of 8 Amps continuous (12 Amps peak).


Key Features

  • Recommended for boats up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Compatible with low-current drive pumps, mechanical drives, hydraulic linear drives, and solenoid valves


Virtual rudder feedback for simplified installation aboard outboard and sterndrive (inboard/outboard) boats

  • 12 or 24 V DC input 8A continuous output, 12A peak
  • Solenoid output capable
  • 3 A clutch output
  • Optional Auto/Standby Switch
  • Drive & Processing circuitry and components identical to commercial autopilots
  • Rudder feedback options: NMEA2000 Rudder Feedback (RF25), Resistive Rudder -Feedback. New SD10 Mechanical Drive plugs straight in to drive and RFU connectors


*Lowrance compatibility is limited to HDS LIVE only.



Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C (13°F to 131°F)
Protection Splashproof, IPx5
Weight 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
Overall Dimensions Width: 7.1 in \ 180 mm
Height: 2.2 in \ 57 mm


Power supply 9-31.2 V DC
Load 140 mA + drive unit load
Performance Drive: 8 A cont., 12 A for 1 s


Network 1xMicroC (NMEA2000)
Feedback Variable voltage/resistive 0-5V
Drive output To PUMP-1 or HELM-1
Power supply 9-31.2 V DC
Solenoid 12/24V DC, common, load range 10mA to 10A, off current <1mA
Clutch 12/24V DC, min 10mA, max 3A
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